Spray Cabinet

This is basically the cabinet that I put together for spraying parts for Helen but with a few mods. I've replaced the original plastic extractor fan with the exhaust fan from a central heating boiler. I picked this up for 99p off Ebay and looks unused although a bit dirty. This should be much better than the plastic fan as the unit is all metal and the motor is mounted externally from the fan unit and so will not be affected by the paint and solvent fumes. The outlet has a length of plastic hose (ex vacuum cleaner) attached which is dangled out of the open window when the cabinet is used. The small diameter of the hose does restrict the flow but I think it will still be adequate. If not, I'll use a bigger diameter piece.

The angled front is a spare piece of greenhouse glass taped in place with bits of cardboard to make up the width. Nothing fancy but I don't want anything permanent yet as I haven't the room to store it when not in use. At the moment it's set up on the table in the workshop ready for painting the Kingette. My brother has lent me his small compressor to use with the airbrush which is a more manageable size to move around than the one I've got. If I see one for sale cheap enough, I may get a proper airbrush compressor at some point.


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