Bench Hacksaw

This was bought off Ebay some time ago for a very reasonable price with the intention of using it to cut up larger sections of metal such as those that came in the Kennet kit. It appears to be home made to an unknown design but is a very nice piece of work. It uses a commercial motor and reduction unit driving the usual reciprocating arm. It uses standard 12 inch blades although only half the blade actually cuts. It features a very ingenious automatic feed mechanism which gradually lowers the blade as it cuts through the metal and then stops the motor when the cut is complete. The intention was to mount it on the wooden bench as shown but a trial run showed that the bench was not rigid enough and rocked alarmingly when the saw was cutting so so far it has been used standing on the floor. It needs securing somehow though as it tends to waltz around the floor on it's own!

It was used recently to cut up a length of 2" x 1" steel bar into 8 pieces which it did with no problem although it did take about 20 minutes per cut.

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