Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder



A chap at the club lent me this last year for me to have a play with but I never really got the time to use it. I did try sharpening some endmills but couldn't get the cutting angles right and gave up with it. The Kennet is much easier to use! I've no doubt that once you have sussed out how to use a Quorn it is a very useful tool but it does seem complicated to set up. He bought it part built years ago and finished it off.

The castings for the Quorn are no longer available but one could be built from stock materials if you were mad enough to want to build one! Part built ones still crop up for sale and complete ones seem to fetch high prices, although I think you would have to check one out before buying it. As with everything home built like this, the quality depends on who built it. Fortunately, this one looks well made.

The chap recently decided to get rid of it and asked me to advertise it for him. I don't think he had had much luck using it either! He offered me part of the proceeds to do some machining work for him on parts for two 7.25" gauge Britannias that he was building (mad fool!). The other day he said I could keep all the proceeds in payment for the work and so I suggested that I just keep the Quorn instead of selling it as I could probably make good use of it. He agreed so it's now mine. Another toy to play with!

As well as what's in the photo there is a box of grinding wheels of various shapes and sizes and collets for holding various types of tooling. The book also came with it but I have the original articles in Model Engineer that described the construction and how to use it.

One use I thought of some time ago was to make some decent taper reamers for injector making. It has always surprised me that no-one sells these.


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