Boxford Shaper



A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Boxford shaper from the workshop clearance that I had helped with. Boxford only made the one model, the S200 with 8 inch stroke. This also had to be dismantled into manageable pieces as it is very substantially built and very heavy. The base cabinet is a one piece welded item from 1/8" steel sheet and two of us struggled to move it.

This will also be stripped, cleaned and given a new coat of paint when time permits.

Shaper before dismantling and moving back home


Having virtually completed restoring the Denham lathe, I decided to carry on and make a start on the shaper. I've stripped the base and given it a coat of primer and topcoat. The base was very rusty all over, in fact it looks as thought the bare metal was pretty rusty before it was originally painted!

Hopefully getting the shaper up and running again won't be too long a job. There's not a lot left to paint now that I've done the base so it's mainly a case of cleaning up the bare metal parts. It should be done before the year's end.


Well, that's another year gone by and not an awful lot to show for it this time!

I finished up working for a couple of days over Xmas so didn't get as much done as hoped. I've still made good progress though and the majority of the shaper is cleaned up, repainted, and reassembled. All that's left is the door on the righthand side of the cabinet and the switch gear to reconnect. Unfortunately, the door on the front is missing.

The leadscrew for the table traverse is quite worn but still serviceable after cleaning up. I believe Boxford still do spares for the shaper but a new one would probably cost more than the shaper is worth! I could always have a go at making one at some point I suppose.

I bought a couple of new Vee belts for the machine but the one for the motor to the countershaft was too short, even though it was the same number (A29). I reckon it needed to be an inch or so longer so I've refitted the old one which was still in reasonable condition anyway and should last a while.

Some of the gib adjusting screws seem a bit short so I wonder if they are not the originals. I might buy some more and replace them.


The shaper is now operational so I couldn't resist giving it a quick try by cleaning up the face of a piece of black steel bar which it did quite nicely. This is the first time I've used a shaper since metalwork classes at school about 45 years ago!

I'll have to sort out some proper tools to use as they can only be about 7/16" (11mm) wide due to the width of the slot in the tool holder. The vice that came with the shaper, although quite sturdy, is a bit limited in capacity with only 1 inch high jaws so I'll probably have to find another one as well. I could also do with a toolpost type spanner to fit the square headed bolts used throughout the machine for the clamping bolts.

Well, that's the shaper and the Denham lathe all back together and running. I've also put the Pollard pillar drill back together for the time being so that it can be used. That will get stripped and repainted at some time in the future but I've had enough of refurbishments for the time being!

I've also cut up the 2 inch square tubing to make the stand for the Myford. I got fed up with tripping over it on the workshop floor! I've got to sort out a new supplier of Argon for the MIG welder before I can get it all welded together. The botttle rental from BOC is ridiculous now so I'm going to change to one of the companies that do rent free bottles.

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