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A few of the (many!) sites I have found of interest over the years

(Updated 23/03/2022)


Groups and Societies:

The National 2 1/2" Gauge Association - concerned with the preservation of this once very popular gauge. Drawings, article reprints, and castings available. The website has now moved to a new host and is slowly being updated.

The Gauge 3 Society - Similar to the above but geared towards scenic railways rather than passenger hauling.

The 7 ¼" Society

The Gauge One Model Railway Association

The Midland Railway Centre, Butterley - Preservation group running and restoring several standard gauge locos. Museum and various model railways including the Butterley Park Miniature Railway. New home for the HMRS.

Warrington & District MES

Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society

Chesterfield and District Model Engineering Society

Stafford and District Model Engineering Society

Leicester Society of Model Engineers

Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies

Northern Association Of Model Engineers

Burton-upon-Trent MES

North West Leicestershire Society of Model Engineers - My home Club!


Steam Related Web Sites:

Building Miniature Live Steam Locomotives in 1/8 Scale - an excellent Finnish website giving blow by blow accounts of building several live steam locos. Lots of photos. Not been updated for a long time now. Update - the original site no longer exists. Fortunately, it is now being hosted by several volunteers but unlikely to be updated again. A great shame.

Station Road Steam - Interesting and often humorous site advertising models of all types and sizes for sale. Part built locos, sets of castings, etc. are advertised with honest descriptions and plenty of good photographs.

Live steam from castings - building a Japanese version of 'William' . Site has moved to new URL and a new project is under way.

Sharpo's Miniature World - 100's of photographs of railways etc.from 3-1/4" to 15" gauge (What, no 2-1/2" Gauge!)

Michael's Locomotive Pages - Interesting Canadian Website showing construction of a 7-1/4" Gauge Garratt. Also articles on designing and fitting Lempor Exhaust Ejectors for locos. Not been updated for a long time.

The Ultimate Steam Page - Website containing a lot of information on developement of the modern steam locomotive. Great for those who like delving into the technical side of things!

Saturated Steam Tables - Online calculator to determine the properties of saturated steam at different temperatures and pressures. Did you know the temperature of saturated steam at 100 psi is 164.4 degrees C ?

Toy Steam Engines - New website dedicated to model steam engines such as Mamod, Bowman etc.

Valve Gear Simulation Software - Free software by Charles Dockstader. Great for demonstrating and designing locomotive valve gears. Sadly, Charlie passed away in October 2011.

Steam Locomotive Valve Gears - Don Ashton's website on valve gears. Don is probably the most knowledgeable person on the subject today. Sadly, Don has also passed away but his family hope to maintain the website so that it continues.

Valve Gear Constructor - Website for designing Walschaerts valve gear.

Modelworks Britannia Builders Diary - Website following the construction of the ModelWorks 5" Gauge Britannia kit.

Cumberland Model Engineering - Website by an American enthusiast charting the history and development of Gauge 3 from it's origins to the present day.

Shlemon Live Steam Models - Website of a prolific loco builder who seems to produce a new model every month!

Romubricoltout - website by a French enthusiast showing the construction of an 0-4-0 Decauville loco. Difficult to follow if you don't read french but plenty of good photos to show the build. Using a translator such as Babelfish makes it very entertaining! (not been updated for some time now)

NorthernSteam - Website showing the construction of a 7¼" gauge South African Railways class 25NC loco. It's Huge!


Discussion Forums:

The Gauge 3 Forum - Discussion forum for matters relating to both G3 and 2½" gauge.

Model Engineering Clearing House - Popular forum for model engineering and related subjects. Can get a bit heated at times!

The Home Machinist - US based forum for many model engineering based subjects.

Model Engineer Forum - Forum run by the publishers of Model Engineer and Model Engineer's Workshop. Mainly tool orientated but some steam and ic stuff.



Reeves 2000 - Model engineering supplies and castings for a wide range of locos and traction engines.

Kennions Ltd - Model engineering supplies and castings for a wide range of locos and stationary engines.

RS Components Ltd - Large range of tools and electronic components with next day delivery. Carry a small range of materials such as silver steel, bronze, etc. which can be quite reasonably priced. Bearings and seals etc.

EKP Supplies - Turned screws, nuts, bolts, tools and materials - very good - usually next day delivery.

Cup Alloys - Mail order supplier for silver solder etc.

Chronos Ltd - Tools and materials

Blackgates Engineering - Tools, materials and castings

Polly Model Engineering - castings and materials

Macclesfield Model Engineering Supplies - Tools and materials with online ordering. Prices for materials, silver solder etc.seem very reasonable.

Live Steam Models - Model engineering supplies and castings for larger traction engines. Traction engines made to order.

Folkestone Engineering Supplies - Very reasonable prices on a large range of materials, fastenings, taps and dies etc. No minimum order and no VAT.

Model Engineer's Laser - suppliers of laser cut parts for a large range of locomotives etc.

Cotswold Heritage Model Steam Engines - suppliers of high quality steam models, machined kits, unmachined kits, boilers, and accessories. German language based homepage here

Hemingway Kits - Kits for various machine tools, tool posts, etc. and also some stationary engines and i.c. engines

Chester UK - Suppliers of imported lathes, milling machines etc.

Warco - Suppliers of imported lathes, milling machines etc.

Arc Euro trade Ltd - Bearing suppliers. Also tools, lubricants etc. Bearing mods to improve cheap import lathes and a mod to eliminate backlash on Myford Leadscrews.

Technobots - Suppliers of modelling materials etc. Sell metric size needle roller and ordinary bearings. Also silver steel for axles, gears, chain and sprockets.

Miniature Pressure Gauge Ltd - manufacturers and suppliers of pressure gauges from 1/2" to 12" diameter. Also offer a calibration service and repairs.

Steam Fittings - Manufacturer and supplier of steam fittings, lubricators, gauges etc.

Phoenix Precision Paints- supplier of authentic railway colours, primers, thinners etc.

Craftmaster Paints - another supplier of high quality coach enamels and authentic railway colours etc.

Fox Transfers - Large range of waterslide decals for locos etc. Mostly for the smaller gauges but expanding to cover larger gauges up to 7-1/4" as well

Polymax - Suppliers of O rings and seals. Minmum quantities apply for ordering but if you need a few then much cheaper than the model engineering suppliers.

Simply Bearings - Suppliers of bearings, seals, belts and pulleys etc.

HUBS - Company offering instant online quotes for 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Injection Moulding and Sheet Metal Fabrication.


Miscellaneous Web Sites:

Specialist Calculators - Online calculators, conversion tables etc.

Model Engine News - site devoted mainly to i.c. aero engines

Thermal Expansion Equations and formulae - how much does it expand when it gets hot!

Model Engineer/Model Engineer's Workshop - website for the two popular magazines. Includes a discussion forum, sales, wants etc.

Engineering In Miniature - website for the magazine produced by TEE Publishing. Publishes many excellent designs for all types of models.

Indexes for Model Engineer Magazine, Model Engineers Workshop, and Engineering in Miniature - Online searchable indexes for these popular magazines.

Index database files for Model Engineer - downloadable csv files for you to make your own searchable index. You will need a suitable database or spreadsheet program to be able to view them.