The Great Bear

Yet another Ebay item. I had no idea what this chassis was supposed to be and neither had the seller. After much searching and reading I realised that it was destined to be a model of GWR 111, Churchwards ill fated 4-6-2 pacific loco, based on the 'Star' class.

The chassis is very well made and highly detailed so I think the original builder must have had access to a set of works drawings. The frames are only 1/16" steel and the cylinders look as though they have been machined from solid chunks of steel. The front bogie even has working steam brakes! Unfortunately there are no wheel castings or other components. A set of wheels did come with the chassis but they are not for this loco. The boiler shell is a work of art and consists of a beautifully rivetted steel barrel and wrapper. I do not know if this was intended to be a working boiler but I suspect it may have been. I can't see me doing much with this loco but it makes a lovely ornament!



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