Black Five


This is definitely a project for the future and at the moment is just a set of wheel castings and full set of drawings. I may have to take out a second mortgage to complete this one!


I've managed to pick up some gunmetal cylinder castings very cheaply! A friend from the club emailed me to say someone was selling a set of castings for £60 so I phoned up and bought them. One of the end covers is not the correct one but there will be no problems fabricating one.

I've pretty much decided that when (if!) I get around to building this, I will be building the solitary loco fitted with outside Stephenson link valve gear (No. 4767), just to be a bit different. There have been some models of this version made but they are not common. The chap who I bought the castings off very kindly sent me the full size drawing of the valve gear which I did not have (thanks John!)


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