Royal Chester


I thought it was about time I put something up about this project! Royal Chester was my introduction to model engineering way back in 1973 although it was abandoned after about a year due to problems with the boiler. I note that Reeves list it as a 'beginners' project! The Allchin is a very detailed and complicated engine which is meant to be a close scale model of the original 'Royal Chester'. I certainly would not class it as a beginners project. Far from it.

The parts made so far have suffered a bit from 30 odd years of storage in a damp workshop but will clean up ok. I cleaned up the boiler yesterday and I must admit some of the soldering looks a bit grim! I think with a bit of reheating I can rectify any faults. I know that I had problems getting the joints hot enough as I only had the one gas torch at the time but now I have access to another one as well so that shouldn't be a problem again. There are still a lot of castings to buy to complete the model but I managed to pick up the cylinder and trunk guide castings off Ebay at the weekend for about 2/3 the current Reeves price (I notice that Brunell Engineering list castings for the Allchin but they seem to be even more expensive than Reeves!) I also got another set of drawings from the same chap for ½ price. My original drawings from 1973 have disappeared. They may have got lost when I moved house but there's a nagging thought in my head that I lent them to some-one years ago and never got them back. I know I lent the GA drawing to my nephew for him to copy when he was into tech drawing and he 'lost' it. The rest will probably turn up now that I've bought another set! I could manage without the drawings as I have all the construction series from Model Engineer and also the book by Bill Hughes but it is easier to work from full size drawings.

It will probably be some time before I start on this project again as I've so many others to finish as well but we'll see. I might do the odd bit to it in-between other things!


The cylinder castings arrived today. The actual cylinder is much bigger than I had imagined!

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